The Phil Keillor Marine Research Institute

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Given Global Development Network’s (GDN) ongoing partnership with SDRF in projects around Thailand, and the expertise and passion of one of its founding board members, Philip Keillor, the board of directors of SDRF and GDN unanimously approved the naming of the institute from January 2011 forward, as the Philip Keillor Marine Research Institute (PKMRI). As followers of Christ, we truly believe that Philip’s lifelong dual concerns and care for God’s creation and the “least of these” is reflected in the mission of the PKMRI, and that he would especially find joy in seeing the center’s research and expertise being used in the service of the poor and marginalized.

The PKMRI, located on Koh Yao Yai Island in southern Thailand, is an integral part of the Sustainable Development Research Foundation’s (SDRF) strategy to create sustainable development in Thailand through a focus on a sustainable and ecologically sensitive fisheries industry, helping not only the devastated fishing villages and families of tsunami-affected areas of Southern Thailand, but also connecting to HIV/AIDS communities throughout the area.

The PKMRI, working with the Fisheries depts. of Thailand, is at the cutting edge of fisheries research while also serving local communities by providing a replenishment of fish to local waterways, training and stock for local fish farms, reforestation of coastlines, work opportunities for community members, and revenues from fish and pearl sales. In addition, the PKMRI is extending its expertise and service to HIV/AIDS communities through a partnership with CHAC, a community center for HIV/AIDS affected persons, families and communities. The PKMRI will be offering training and stock to CHAC members to establish fish farming among the communities, as well as hope to provide resources to help relocate the current outgrown center so as to serve more HIV/AIDS affected persons, families and communities. Lastly, this partnership of the PKMRI with CHAC will bring together Christians and Muslims, learning from each other as they work together to meet the needs of their communities.

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Philip Keillor

White Sea bass & cage system
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Research tanks

Raising Oysters for Harvest of Pearls