North East Thailand

SDRF-Northeast Thailand


The Sustainable Development Research Foundation’s central administration office is located in Udon Thani in northeast Thailand. SDRF is a legally recognized non-profit organization by the Thai government. The Udon Thani office oversees the financial management of the organization. Under the leadership of its president, Nujon Singplia, SDRF coordinates holistic projects in four major regions of the country. The coordination of these projects requires much of President Nujon and her senior staff’s time for strategic planning and reporting. In addition, key staff members are dedicated for local leadership formation among communities.

Isan Aquatics Farm (IAF)

Established in 2002, the Isan Aquatics farm, located in Udon, is a part of the Sustainable Development Research Foundation and works with SDRF to help enable holistic development in many parts of Thailand by serving as a grassroots profit business providing expertise in agriculture and aquaculture. IAF’s profits provide the economic support base for the work SDRF as well as a platform for the establishment of grassroots development projects directly connected with local communities in Northeast Thailand as well as northern and southern parts of the country. The IAF also links to other communities and organizations in Asia and provide product (tilapia fry) and training in how to produce and raise tilapia fish and do sustainable development at the grassroots level. IAF is also a key partner with the SDRF in the development of the Marine Research Institute (MRI) on Koh Yaow in South Thailand.


SDRF's Main Office in Udon

Jim Gustafson, Bonpote, Tongpan

Isan Aquatic Farm Breeding nets for Tilapia Preparing fry for market