SDRF partnership

Global Development (GDN) and the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF) enjoy a vibrant partnership in their commitment to establishing a sustainable platform for addressing the needs of at risk communities in Thailand. SDRF is a formally recognized Thai non-profit organization which is based in Udon Thani, Thailand. It is the legal umbrella that unites a number of organizations that it has set up in Thailand. Among these organizations are the Center for HIV/AIDS Affected Communities (Songkhla), the Center for Sustainable Development (Nan), Elite (Bangkok), Isan Aquatics Farm (Udon Thani), and the Marine Research Institute (Koh Yaow).

The GDN/SDRF partnership has expanded its work into four major regions of the country: Bangkok, Northern Thailand, Northeast Thailand, and South Thailand. Holistic development projects include: agriculture, agro-forestry, aquatic fish farms, education, HIV/AIDS advocacy, marine aqua-culture, and public health programs.