Center for Applied Ministry

CAM is a contextualized church planting and leadership development organization responsible for over 200 churches with over 3,000 members primarily in Northeast Thailand. It is also working in three provinces of North Thailand (Petchabun , Nan and Phayao provinces) enabling contextualized churches in sub-ethnic communities, the most recent of which has resulted in over 400 new believers in eight new village churches just north of Nan city. This movement is now expanding into Phayao, an adjacent north Thailand province.

CAM is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand (EFT) which provides a loose relationship to all other Christian groups in Thailand and also provides Thai government approval for religious work in Thailand.

CAM’s leadership training center trains leadership in all of the churches that are related to it. Local church leaders are taught at CAM during two day training sessions held twice a month at the CAM Leadership Development Center in Udon. Similar leadership development centers are being established in Nan, Bangkok and Phung Nga provinces. Local leadership training is currently being expanded so that it is done on site.


Leadership development conferences
Leadership development conferences involving church leaders in Thailand and other parts of Asia.

Leadership Development Center, Isan
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