Mutual Principles

Global Development Network (GDN), the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF), and the Center for Applied Ministry (CAM) hold the following principles in common:

1.  Vision: = “Transformation” - in at risk communities in Thailand and Southeast Asia. To touch, transform and be transformed by the lives of at risk community people. We are catalysts to the process of connecting people to God who is there with them before we come on the scene.

2.  Mission: = “Establish a holistic platform in Thailand” for impacting Thailand and all of Southeast Asia with the vision of the SDRF. To right the inequities in at risk communities by empowering local leadership and their communities to address those inequities by the power of God.

3.  Direction: = “Down and In” – an incarnational movement into at risk communities that understands this as the true movement of Christ into our world.

4.  Focus: = “Felt Needs” – programs and projects in local at risk communities which deal with local felt needs of those communities.

5.  Action: = Empowerment, not development, “of local people, for local people, by local people”. Empowerment of grassroots leaders who plan and execute projects with local at risk communities in Thailand. To enable local indigenous leaders to develop local and sustainable answers to the needs of local at risk communities such as: educational, economic/vocational, health/physical, socio/spiritual, agricultural/environmental.

6.  Sustainability: = ongoing structuring for sustainability: economically, socially, spiritually and organizationally.

  • Structural and organizational stability – development of local structures
  • Economic support bases –development of local profit centers & businesses
  • Spiritual stability – development of local churches
  • Social stability – integration into the local community

7.  Networking: = “Process Broker” approach – local focus (sensitivity & understanding) connected to global resources.

8.  Authority of God’s Word: the Word acts as the basis for decisions in all areas of the work of SDRF/GDN.

9.  Priesthood of all believers: no social, academic or spiritual stratification in the work of the SDRF/GDN. All believers are priests – a believer’s Church.

10.  The Grace of God : the basis for all actions in the work of SDRF, CAM, and GDN.