Life Stories

Srinuan – is currently the coordinator for the SDRF work in HIV/AIDS in south Thailand. Several years ago she was covered with sores and had no hope. She met Nujon, the president of the SDRF who had come at the call of Toon, a close friend of Srinuan and even more sick with AIDS than Srinuan was. As Srinuan walked through the process of helping Toon die with peace and dignity, Srinuan opened her heart to Christ. The transformation was immediate – she could not wait to talk to people and tell them about her faith in Christ. She is now a woman who glows with the presence of God and her passion for him. She is the one who, by her life, has been responsible for the ongoing expansion of the church throughout south Thailand.
Wirot – is currently the leader of the Songkhla HIV/AIDS community. Less than two years ago he was a walking corpse. He was so sick that he knew he was dying and so had built his casket and hung his picture by it ( normal for a funeral in Thailand) in preparation for his death. It was then that he bumped into a former friend – Narong – who was also infected with AIDS. He was amazed to see how alive and healty Narong looked. As they talked together, Wirot discovered that Narong had believed in Christ and was being transformed by him. When I asked Wirot, a few months later, why he now believed in Christ he pointed to Narong and said –“look at him, he was worse off than I was and God gave him ‘new life’”. Wirot went on, “when I saw this, I told Narong that I wanted to follow him in belief.” In May, Wirot was baptized and gave thanks to God that although he had once been dead but now was alive by the grace of God. The health and joy of his new life in Christ was beaming from him as he spoke.
Daeng – Daeng was living in a cardboard and tin enclosure and was alone and dying from AIDS. Through the ministry of Srinuan, Daeng became related to the movement of God and found belief in Christ. As he walked with God, he began to grow and be transformed. When later seen he was robust and joyful and exuded a vibrancy and glow that was contagious. He had a new house and through his connection with the local group of believers had found a wife. As he was “tied,” (The SDRF uses strings to bless and join people together) he and his wife in a simple wedding ceremony, he wept for joy and praised God for all that he was doing for him.